How Sports Affect My Business

June 16, 2016 3 min read

Sailing - File emotions

Sailing has taught me about withholding my panic and fear. Channeling those feelings into concentration is a huge feat. Remaining calm during hectic situations, and not panicking is essential when navigating a powerful vessel. One must remember that with sailing, you’re using other natural forces to guide you. Once I understood that fear and panic won’t help fix my situation and put those around me in panic mode, I understood to leave that out of my business environment.  No matter how much I fear and how much I panic, that won’t help resolve my problem. Also, if you panic or raise fear on a boat-you’re going over-board. File emotions.

Skiing - Safety first, Use Sight

Skiing is about mapping our your run. Looking twenty feet ahead and knowing where you’re going to carve, where you’re going to end up, and when you’re going to repeat. All this while maintaining technique, balance and execution. Keeping my eyes where I want to be, rather than where I am, helps me prepare for what’s coming, and helps me avoid being stuck in a position not looking at the possibilities that come with moving forward. It has also taught me that you can be moving fast, and while it’s very fun, you must remember that a single bump can throw you in direction and break you. Safety first, Use sight.

Surfing - Adaptation, Ability to pivot

I consider surfing the rawest sport out there. It is the individual and its tool, on a powerful force of nature you have no control over. Surfing has allowed me to understand adaptation and appreciating. While surfing, you must map out the environment and waves before jumping in the water. Timing and measuring, as well as patience for mother nature to do her thing. In business, you have so many variables you cannot control and that you must adapt to. Waiting patiently for the right moment, the right wave to claim can be a huge payoff. You can have fun doing it all, but if you really want to chase that perfect way, you must play with nature in the right way. Adaptation, Ability to pivot.

Soccer - Teamwork, Accountability, Reliability

My favorite team sport. It consists of a big area and big teams.  Both variables I admire. Soccer taught me that the right combination of members could be as powerful as your entire assembly. An entire game can last a long time and consist of many different plays, but only one shot-one goal can determine the outcome of the whole game, tournament, or league. This sport opened my eyes that even the better team can lose. One mistake can lose it all, and one accident can win it all. How is it with eleven members on a team, shit can happen at any moment? More importantly, while you’re in it, you can feel accountable for your actions, while relying on your teammates to pull through. Teamwork, Accountability, & Reliability. 

Weightlifting - Don't give up, Push passed

This one is more new to me. Not only is it extremely therapeutic to exert excessive amounts of energy, but also allowing yourself to be completely tired out through exerting force. Being extremely tired lets you release all the bullshit that you don’t really care for. You’re too tired to care for the unimportant. The second part I find interesting is the idea of being your own boss, getting yourself to the gym and getting yourself to lift big weights. No one will force you to do an extra rep or set, but once you pass the mark you set yourself and you challenge yourself for one more, that extra rep is what pushes you over the competition. Continuing to push when everyone is quitting puts you on top. Don’t give up, Push passed.

I hope these tips help elevate your gatherings and create memorable experiences for all your guests. If you have any questions or other tips, please feel free to email us.

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Axel Brave
Axel Brave

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