What are AXEL Spanish Pickled Onions?

Spanish Onions is our name for the Central American favorite, Cebollas Encurtidas (Pickled Onions). My family began making these after many surfs trips to Nicaragua and Mexico. Everywhere we’d eat, the first thing they would bring to our table was delicious, savory, spicy pickled onions. It reminded me of the pickled onions we’d get when we’d order/make BBQ. The glowing red colors of the onions and the spicy flavors of the habanero and jalapenos.

The name was decided by a family friend who would always ask for them at grill outs, she’d inquire: “What are y’alls Spanish Onions?! They’re too good to NOT be at the center of the dinner table!” Alas, the name for our pickled onions was decided.

Our friends and fans tell us about different variations of pickled onions here and there, and some have even confessed their addiction for the tarty crunch. Not many dare to jar pickled onions of the time needed to make and rest. 

We do. And have succeed. 

But more importantly, I’m damn proud when I can take a food I love and jar it to share with others. Sharing food IS my love language.

We maintain great taste, look and feel by following a simple recipe. We’re proud to be one of the few consumer packaged food brands that can bring the consumer a recipe that means something. That takes time to perfect.

Spanish Onions are an absolute treat on tacos, salads, and vegetable mixes. We like to throw them on our charcuterie board and eat them raw. With the option of Picked Red Spanish Onions with Habanero, or its sweeter associate Pickled Sweet Spanish Onions with Jalapeño, we have yet again created a jarred condiment that allows the home cook or popular chef to garnish their dishes. People want more versatility with a single product. And that’s what we’ve done here.

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