January 14, 2021 2 min read

Well Hello there.  It seems I’ve roped you back in with my your new favorite condiment.


Please meet: AXEL Black Garlic Umami Finishing Powder. The newest addition to your grilling arsenal. This extremely rare premium ingredient can now be purchased on www.axelprovisions.com


Ships fast and light; tasty and fresh AF.


With a sleek and minimal design to keep all the focus on your delicious food. You won’t find a better Black Garlic Powder anywhere. Once in your hands, you’ll have a secret ingredient that will make your food taste even better. You’ll receive praise and glory from those who taste your delicious food.


And the best part is that you’ll be doing something new and healthy that everyone will be asking for your secrets!


What is Black Garlic Powder?

Black Garlic Powder is one of the most exclusive items any Griller, Chef, or home cook can have in their arsenal. It’s extremely rare because of the delicate process it undergoes.


It's main flavor profile consists of 1 of 5 taste profiles known to humans: Umami.


It provokes mystery and edge while being simple. It is all natural and extremely healthy while created through a scientific method.


It has a different flavor profile than regular garlic. The undertone of BGP is your trusted garlic flavor. BGP has hints of sweetness and rustic umami that make BGP rich, yet mellow in flavor.


Think of the perfect relationship between Garlic + Balsamic Vinegar + Soy sauce + tamarind.


How is Black Garlic Powder made?

BGP is made through a scientific process called fermentation. Whole bulbs of garlic are fermented under controlled heat and humidity for an extended period of time. What truly gives the BGP its flavor is the Maillard process. The Maillard process gives the BGP its vibrant color and unique tones of sweetness. The same process is used for making caramelized onions.


Is BGP as healthy as all your other condiments?

Why yes it is. It’s probably the most healthy condiment we have. The bioactivity of BGP is enhanced through it’s process. Some healthy attributes of BGP are listed below:




*Improves health of cardiovascular diseases

*Regulate blood sugar levels

*And much, much more

Source: (https://www.webmd.com/diet/health-benefits-black-garlic#1)


How to use BGP?

Use it just as a finishing touch. You can use it on chicken, meat, fish, vegetables, soups, fries, you freaking name it. The way I use it is the same way as a finishing salt. That’s the best way to activate the UMAMI flavor. So after you’re done cooking your food, you sprinkle as much BGP on your food as you’d like. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s hard to over use.



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