November 16, 2021 4 min read

This goes without saying, but us humans love to try things that we find interesting. When we find something interesting we tend to appreciate it more by connecting with it. This cultivates a sense of community for us as individuals. As most of us continue to experience the world, basic psychology tells us that we must seek new things that interest us in order to feel fulfilled. I can easily see that trying new and interesting things is just as part of our lives as eating, drinking, and breathing; and that inevitably makes us our best selves.

For example, I’ve alway been a big advocate of trying interesting foods. As a proclaimed foodie, it excites me to try new recipes from my friends' posts, experience different cuisines from new restaurants in town, and find new tastes that I drool over. Colorful grilled vegetables, North Eastern oysters, and grilled foraged mushrooms are some interestings foods I tried this week. It comes easy to me because the stories behind the food are interesting. Or where and whom I’m with also makes it interesting. Naturally, I think when we understand the story behind something we find curious, we can become more connected with that something. For me, filling my mind as I fill my stomach go hand in hand.

Imagine yourself eating the same food, visiting the same places, and hanging out with the same people. This can be lovely for a time, but after a while your body will get use to the repetition and it won’t be as exciting or interesting anymore. Enjoying tradition or the familiar is comforting, and appreciating what we know and have is important. Though there is much more our body and mind can learn to become further fulfilled. Here is when we search for what we find interesting.

Remember the first “adult purchase” you ever made. Be it a car, a fancy grill, some indoor plants, whatever it was where you learned a lot about it before purchasing it. After buying that item, didn’t you feel happy about it because you knew all the ins and outs before it was in your hands? Didn’t you feel proud to learn the story of where it comes from? That’s the feeling I’m talking about! Being knowledgeable and proud of what you bought because you connect with it. Feeling happy because you found something that is interesting to you!

I want to share what I thought was luck, but am now realizing it is basic psychology for us. An example of what I’m talking about when customers tell me why they enjoy my products.

I remember making batches of Chimichurri in my parent’s kitchen and filling their home with garlic smell during the week. Then, I’d stand in the hot morning sun on weekends at farmers’ markets to sell my Chimichurri sauces (AKA Argentine BBQ sauce). When I sold out, I thought it was just because it was the best grilling sauce people couldn’t find anywhere else. I mistakenly believed that people were looking for a grilling sauce, but that it wasn’t available.

Oh boy, was I wrong.

I’ve realized that people don't just love my Chimichurri Grilling Sauces because they’re flavorful, versatile, and help make your grilling experience better, but also because they’re learning a story they can connect with. Being able to learn about my brand feeds a curiosity of theirs. The history of why I use and make these products. The details of how I, or you, can use these products. It all adds up to an experience my brand is cultivating for you. Fueling your mind before fueling your stomach. Someone learning something new but more importantly something interesting, is much more exciting to be a part of. My customers tell me they love the products not just because they’re tasty, but because they’re interesting to them.

I played into this concept oftrying something interesting and strategized my attention grabbing “marketing pick-up lines” in person at events.

Here is an example of how this psychology hack worked:

“Do you want to sample some Chimichurri today?” As a vendor, that was my “pick-up” line to get customers’ attention at farmers’ markets. I carefully thought about this because customers are walking around 40+ vendors early in the morning. Most people picking up their local vegetables, cookies, breads, teas, Indian food, etc. So I thought to myself, “What’s the best way to get their attention and spark their curiosity?” I mean, I’m surrounded by foodies and people willing to go out of their way to find better products than a conventional grocery store. The answer was simple: just pronounce the word Chimichurri correctly (and loudly) and that will definitely trigger their curiosity, and make them stop and turn their attention towards me. 

Needless to say, it worked.

I now see that the majority of people that have purchased my products, knowing what it is or not knowing what it is, is because they’re all interested in it. Most of us are willing to try new things, but if we just try it because it’s new to us, then we’d feel exhausted with everything available to us. But if we try new things that seem interesting to us there is a good chance we might connect with it deeply. The balance is to try something new that interests you. 

This phenomenon is what occurs when people purchase products from my brand. Luckily for the AXEL family, most of the time we’re new AND interesting to our fans. Yes, sure -- it helps that our products are delicious too.

I encourage everyone of you to continue being your best self by trying interesting foods. The more new interesting foods you try, the more you’ll learn about yourself and others. In turn, you’ll become more connected with what you’re trying. And what better way to learn and connect with others than sitting down around a table and sharing a flavorful meal. It’s incomparable.

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