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Who the f*%k is AXEL?
I’m Axel. A first-gen Texan. A Chef. The founder of AXEL Provisions. We make Premium Argentine Provisions for Grilling Enthusiasts.

Chimi-what did you say?
It’s pronounced Chee-mee-Chur-ree or learn how to pronounce it here

What the f*%k is Chimichurri?
I’ll tell you what the f*%k it is. Chimichurri is a South American grilling sauce/marinade. It’s an olive oil, red wine vinegar, water blend with simple herbs, spices and tons of garlic. You use it as a condiment or marinade for meats, vegetables, chicken, and pretty much anything that is grilled.

Where is Chimichurri from?
Well, that's a long, funny and interesting story. You can read in-depth here.

The short version is that it was made in the Patagonia region of Southern Argentina. The Argentinian cowboys would roam around herding cattle and grilling over open-flames all day. These open-flame grill masters concocted a marinade that would preserve and flavor their favorite cuts. From there, it took off and every person, family and country has their own unique variation of it so you can find it in many different South American countries.

Why do you have three different kinds of Chimichurri?
Our Original Chimichurri is the Chimichurri that I’ve been making for over 15 years and the closest recipe that resembles the authentic Chimichurri the Argentine cowboys would make. It’s our most popular item. This is because they only used dry herbs since they didn’t have time to garden and use fresh herbs. Their primary herbs were Garlic, Oregano, and Ajií pepper, which are the main ingredients in our Original Chimichurri. This is THE ‘recipe’ that was passed down to me.

Our Spicy Chimichurri is the Hispanic-Texan in me. Argentines don’t have spicy food, but being from Texas I needed an option with some heat. So I threw in more red peppers, Aji pepper, paprika, aleppo, etc. It creates a flavor first, heat second tasting, with a slow-burning a cowboy starting a fire.

Lastly, we have our Verde Chimichurri, which is what most people recognize today. After so many years, the perception of Chimichurri was transformed by grillers and chefs due to switching to fresh, more abundant herbs, which is what gives it a very green color. The Verde Chimichurri is how most people attempt to make Chimichurri today.

Who uses Chimichurri?
Anyone who grills delicious meats. In Argentina, people grill out and eat meat 8 times a week so it became a staple in every household. Traditionally, you have a jar in the middle of your table and you let your guests put it on their own meat.

What do you put it on?
Traditionally it’s meant for meats and vegetables. But I’ve learned that limiting your options around a grill is boring, stale, and hinders your inner-badass. You can use it on basically any protein dish. I use it for meats, chicken, pork, and vegetables. I’ve had customers tell me they use it on potatoes, pastas, salads, sandwiches, you name it.

How much Chimichurri should I use?
As much as you want since it’s delicious and healthy. Typically, you have a jar in the middle of your table and you let your guests put it on their own meat. Our recipes here have suggested amounts for each dish. People usually keep adding it to their plate so leaving the open jar on the table is always a good call. It’s a condiment, go at it.

You said it was healthy?
That’s right. It’s extremely healthy. You can read in-depth about the health benefits here. It’s basically packed with the healthiest olive oil and superfood ingredients like fresh garlic, oregano, and other herbs and spices.

So it’s naturally healthy. I get it, but what about your ingredients?
All of our ingredients are non-GMO, we promise. It just doesn’t make much sense for us right now to pay $4,000+ for a little certificate that claims we are because they checked once. As of now, I rather spend that money filming recipe videos for you!

Okay, so wait. Do you make Chimichurri because you’re Argentinian?
Yes. I was born in Texas actually, but my whole family is from Argentina. I don’t think my family thought about this before moving here, but it makes sense that they migrated to a meat-loving state from a meat-loving country.

Are you a chef?
I’ve been cooking since I could type fake menus on Word documents and “sell” eggs and bacon to my mother’s friends. I’ve been lighting up grills and cooking steaks since I was 10. I owned my first small bistro/cafe at the age of 21 in Austin, Texas and worked in many kitchens in my early twenties. I didn’t go to a professional culinary school, but with so many years of cooking and grilling under my belt, I do consider myself a damn good chef.

I don’t plan to get back into a kitchen and lead a team of badass cooks though. Much respect to Chefs. I’d rather enjoy my cooking at a home and lead a bunch of drunkards in the kitchen, whipping up delicious food.

Who taught you how to cook?
I learn from as many people and places as possible, but my father primarily taught me. Actually, he taught me to clean up after him in the kitchen first...then came the learning how to cook. He loved to learn and make traditional dishes, and even make up new ones. From there we learned the science behind some techniques. Then, came learning how to host a Sunday grill out or dinner parties.

Is cooking important in your family?
Yes! And it should be for every family! My grandmother actually bugged Francis Mallmann, the renowned open-fire gaucho/chef enough to open up a “cooking school” for a couple of years to teach her and others.

Also luckily for me, a few of my parents’ friends are great cooks as well. So not only were the people I lived with interested in cooking and eating well, but so were the friends we’d spend time with.

Ok, sign me up! How does shipping work?
We ship using USPS, UPS, and FedEx. We can ship anywhere in the world. We typically ship out orders the next day, unless we’re busy grilling ;) Once we ship your order using a specified carrier, it’s out of our hands and in the hands of the Grill Gods. We do our best when handling breakage or lost packages, because at the end of the day we just want to support your grilling habits.

Can you guarantee that I’ll like it or what? I’m scared.
Listen, that’s okay. Grilling and eating new foods can be intimidating, but that’s what you like. If you order our items, we can guarantee that you’ll love them. If you do not love them or think they’re bad, you can reach out to us and we’ll figure something out since we can’t accept returns on food items.

But if you think they’re disgusting, maybe you shouldn’t be grilling or maybe you should stick to your well-done steaks with ketchup. We can’t really help those with a closed-mind and bad taste. We suggest you seek some professional guidance. Maybe look inside yourself for some answers.

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