March 18, 2020 3 min read

On The Field Hustle

Have you started a new brand and want to grow sales and have more fans?

Luckily for us, there are many ways we can promote our brand. We constantly test different outlets where we can promote our passion and share our craft. Finding out what works best to channel our goods into the hands of consumers is a job we have to hone in on and continually check. As we test outlets virtually and physically we notice that every channel is worth entering, IF it makes sense. In an era like today we’re so connected with one another and we do not want to miss out on any opportunities. But I’m sure for most entrepreneurs this is a no-brainer.


What I want to share with you is the importance and power of you, the owner of your brand, being directly in front of the customer as much as possible.

There is no one in your organization better than the founder(s) themselves that can do this job. The best person to share your story, explain what you’re offering, and how it can bring the consumer value is you. I’ve experienced many successes and failures while trying to share my brand in different outlets, but the most rewarding and most effective has been me directly interacting with potential customers.


I’m talking about attending as many events, farmers’ markets, showcases and festivals as your budget allows for. I cannot stress enough how each time I’ve personally attended an event it has positively affected my brand.

I think that talking directly to a customer, face-to-face, is the best way to grow your business.


We get so tied up trying to sell to everyone we can through any and all mediums possible, that we forget to refocus efforts into the field. As scary and intimidating as it may feel, this is one of the best ways to grow your brand.

Consumers want to add value to their life and understand how their well-spent money is doing that for them.

Business is business, but as organizations our consumers are still humans. Humans who want to be heard and feel as part of the brand.


Because of this, I urge every founder, entrepreneur, and CEO to get out on the field and speak directly the consumers. Spending time, money and energy on testing all outlets is fundamental. But spending time, money and energy with on-the-field hustle is vital. You see results and reviews in real time. Larger companies spend godly amounts of money on having this data. If you have the opportunity to accomplish this as an entrepreneur, you need to personally connect with consumers as much as you can.


Take this example I use and think of how it can apply to your brand. I typically speak to sixty people at a six-hour market. Forty of them will purchase a product(s) of mine, twenty will repurchase again (at the market, online, or retailer), ten will tell a friend about us or our product, and three will become lasting customers/fans/social followers. The cost of this was eight hours of my time on a weekend, $50-$75 of market fees, and whatever my COGS and MISC costs are. 95% of the time, I land in the green when it comes to profit, and 100% of the time I have grown my presence and more consumers have seen my brand. Plus, it’s always nice to have that immediate cash enter your account unlike traditional wholesales.


Most cities have markets of many sorts for different kinds of products. Either farmers’ markets, local markets, small business & craft markets, holiday markets, etc. I’m sure a quick Google search can show you when and where these markets are happening.

Attending these markets is a quick way to see how your brand is welcomed and to narrow in on a niche audience.


I promise that cultivating this practice will grow your business, IF you believe in your brand of course.

I mentioned this is a great starting point for new brands, but if you really want your customers to love your brand, this practice will always have to be a part of your strategy. I hear countless stories of founders of 5-10 year old brands STILL hitting the field and connecting directly with consumers.


So get out there, be vulnerable, be clear, sell your brand, ask questions.


I don’t have to remind you that you’re doing this because you love it.


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