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Spoiler alert: it’s our family-recipe inspired AXEL Chimichurri

Here is a guide to buying the best chimichurri AKA AXEL Chimichurri Grilling Sauces. As a grill master and Chimichurri expert, I’m going to share with you what makes a Chimichurri spectacular and what to look for when buying Chimichurri. There are quick and easy tips that make a Chimichurri great, and it’s what I put forth in my own line of Chimichurri sauces.If you’d like to learn more about the history of Chimichurri and what the word means, you can click this link.

This is what to look for when you’re purchasing already-made Chimichurri. Luckily for you, AXEL Chimichurri Grill Sauces follow everyShouldbelow :)


What it should look like:

It should look vibrant-moody, as in casually sparkling like glitter since the oil makes the herbs and spices glisten in the light. Upon closer examination you should see contrast between the single ingredients. Green pieces. Red pieces. White Garlic pieces. Traditional Chimichurri is light brown, with dark vibrant red. The sauce should look more like hot chili oil. Oily-wet with tiny solid bits. The liquid should be able to quickly spread, while the solids remain in place.

Look at the ingredient list on the label. Can you understand the list without having to be a scientist? There is no need for “Natural Flavors” on the ingredient list either. You can make perfectly good Chimichurri with real ingredients. Chimichurri can be made perfectly authentic and safe without adding chemical compounds to it such as preservatives, thickening agents, “Natural Flavors”.

Pro-tip: If it has high quality oil, the oil should congeal in chunks (or one solid piece) when in the fridge.

What it shouldn’t look like:

It shouldn’t look straight brown. It shouldn’t look neon green or fluorescent, similar to a faded out glow stick. People think it’s supposed to be vibrant green, but that’s more of a modern way to make it (or made with freshly picked ingredients). That vibrant-florescent green can't naturally be achieved if it’s in a jar. Probably not natural colors (unless it's in the refrigerated section). If you see single ingredients floating, they shouldn’t all be from the same color palette. You shouldn’t just see 1 (or 2) colors, there should be more. It shouldn’t be viscous at all. It shouldn’t look thick like BBQ sauce. It shouldn’t NOT congeal when placed in the fridge, this means there is too much water OR cheap oil was used.

It shouldn’t need to have preservatives or thickening agents. It shouldn’t have “Sugars Added” on the label.


What it should smell like:

If you take a big sniff, it should sting the high part of your nose and be followed with bold herby flavors. A sharp and fresh vinegar. This means there is acidity in there. And lots of. Meat and acidity go hand in hand like Romeo and Juliet. The herb smell should take you on an adventure. Think earthy oregano and peppery spices. The sniff should make you want to smell it again. Ah, and last but not least a sharp pungent smell of garlic. That is key.

What it shouldn’t smell like:

It shouldn’t smell stale or gross. It shouldn’t be a soft subtle smell that fails to hit you in the face. It shouldn’t smell weird or funky. It should be loud and bold, but in good ways. If you can’t smell garlic in it, it’s not even Chimichurri. Or if it smells sweet, it’s not Chimichurri.


What it should taste like:

It should taste extremely flavorful, as in fulfilling and satisfying after your first big bite from not eating all day. When you taste it, you know for certain THAT is flavor and THAT flavor is Chimichurri. It should completely compliment the food you’re using it for. It should have a herby bold flavor complemented by the smooth extra virgin olive oil, followed by sharp acidic garlic-y flavor. You should be able to taste the extra virgin olive oil, if not then it contains cheap oils. A perfect balance which hits most of the regions of flavor receptors in your mouth and tongue. You should be able to taste most of the ingredients in your mouth because it shouldn’t be one wholesome flavor. There are herbs, EVOO, Garlic, Vinegar and salt to make everything stand out, all while easily understanding the complexity...or not, just enjoy it!

What it shouldn’t taste like:

It definitely shouldn’t taste bland where you have to think hard about where the flavor is in your mouth. It shouldn’t taste weak or subtle. It shouldn’t taste sweet or sugary. It shouldn’t be one solid flavor or simplicity as tomato paste would be. That means it was done cheaply. If the flavor is quiet, ingredients are most likely missing. It shouldn’t taste muddy or complicated.


What it should feel like:

It should be smooth and thin, with tiny bits of solids. When spooned, it should feel like the Asian staple, Hot Chili Oil. As mentioned above, the texture should be oily yet watery. You should feel the small bits of solids on the food you’re using it on. It should feel easy going and smooth, followed by the solid bits once the liquid moves to the side. Meaning, it should run off and leave the small solid bits behind. It should feel as if you need to spoon it out of the jar.

What it shouldn’t feel like:

It shouldn’t feel viscous. It shouldn’t feel as if it’s one solid piece. It shouldn’t be thick. The sauce shouldn’t stick to anything. It shouldn’t NOT run off. You shouldn’t be able to easily pour it on your plate (Unless you marinate a big ‘ol piece of meat, then dump that bad boy on there).

If the texture is viscous that means thickening chemicals were added to cut down production costs and speed up production.


What it should sound like:

It should sound like a good time! The sound I’m looking for is not inside the jar, rather the sound that cultivates outside the jar. A chimichurri that tells a story that you can connect with. It should spark conversation and excite those using it because it has a story to back it. That Chimichurri you purchased should spark happiness and curiosity. It should raise comments and questions around the table.

What it shouldn’t sound like:

Lastly, 6th Sense (Love)

The beauty of loving what we love is that it’s all subjective to whomever is experiencing it. If we didn’t have that ability, we’d all be robots. The Chimichurri you purchase should make you feel good about spending your hard earned dollar for a cool new grilling sauce. I wanted to capture everything above in order to help you have a memorable eating experience.

I’m sure some people like different styles of Chimichurri for different foods. That is why I made three different flavors. However, they’re all based around the same concept. For it to taste amazing and make you feel like you’re eating and sharing something special. 

I suggest that when looking for different Chimichurris to buy, to take a look at the‘Shouldn’ts’ list because some rules should be followed for it to be a Chimichurri. The last part to ensure, is for you to feel happy with your favorite go-to Chimichurri.

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