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You Have The Special Ingredients to Join the Argentine Grill Family?

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Argentina’s cuisine is a mix of European-influenced dishes that stem from some of the culinary landmarks across the Atlantic ocean. Italy, Spain, and France are the main forces that guide the diversity of the food scene in today’s modern-day eateries in Argentina, as well as, family recipes and long-standing traditions.

But, you’re not here to read about how Argentina has some of the best pasta, pizza, tapas and wine in the world, even though we’ve learned from the best. No, no, no, you’re here to learn more about that juicy, sizzling, most-tender, mouth-watering, total turn on, flavorful Argentine-style of open-fire grilling.

If you’d like to learn what open-fire grilling means and its differences with what BBQ is (trust me, this isn’t my opinion rather what I’ve concluded from what Texas Pitmasters have explained to me) you canclick here.

We’ll start here. Can you guess the top three foods in Argentina? Take a second. It’s a trick question…

The answer, in this order, is 1) Meat, 2) Meat, and 3) Meat.

Today I’m going to tell you about Argentina’s cuisine, which is primarilyopen-fire grilling. We’re talking high-heat, quick-cooking with excellent prime cuts of meat. In Argentina, we grill any cut of meat, however, we don’t focus on the cuts we BBQ in the States. The cuts that take hours, patience and a couple cans of beer. Like the Brisket or whole Hog, to put it simply. We don’t focus on those cuts that need to be broken down by low heat and smoke, unless it’s a whole cow or whole goat, but even then we do that over an open-fire or on the grill, not enclosed.

Since Argentina is known as the powerhouse ofopen-fire grilling, inherently the best grilling condiments designed for this style of grilling must surely be Argentine-inspired sauces, seasonings and other condiments. These condiments compliment the high-quality outcomes of a magnificent and successful grill out. 

Why is AXEL Provisions and it’s Argentine-style condiments born for the grilling fanatics of the USA? Because if you’re also a Grill Master, or aspiring to be, you understand that you need a trusted arsenal of premium grilling-specific condiments that support your skills. Condiments that you know are delicious and used by Grill Master. If you want the best Sushi, you go to Japan. If you want the best Tacos, you go to Mexico. If you want the best BBQ, you go to the USA. If you want the best grill outs, you go to Argentina.

So if you want to be the best at open-fire grilling, you must learn from the best and use the best.

Let me paint you a picture of what grilling means to my family.

It’s Sunday afternoon. Cherished family and friends gather in a backyard.  Some on folding chairs, some along a low stone wall, others on the grass. 

A murmur of talk and laughter suffuses the twilight as men at a longasado wait for coal to whiten. 

They laugh...

They drink... 

They prepare meat to lay on a sizzling grill top...
Basting each tender piece with chimichurri and traditional seasonings. 

This isn’t average grocery store fare. It’s sausages, sirloins, mollejas, chinchulines, chopped onions, sweet peppers, and whole ears of corn. 

Everything grilled to succulent perfection. 

And this isn’t just a cookout — 

It's ceremony, religion. 

Sharing the best in life with the ones we love is the most meaningful grilling rite known to humankind. It’s all Argentina, and it’s made possible only by AXEL Provisions.

Brand the scene in your mind. Think about all the ‘grand ‘ol times’ you’ve had around the grill, with people you love, eating food you’ve made. That’s what we’re about. That’s what I promote. And that’s my family’s invite to you, to the Argentine traditions we love. 

Fire Up the Grill.

Grilling in Argentina is a religion. I eat meat or grill-out eight times a week or more. 

Every Sunday, we’d gather in our backyard, invite friends and family, uncork some red-flowing Malbecs, and fire up the grill. That was our church time. We’d all come together, sit down, and enjoy one another. We were reminded what really matters in life. Great company, engaging conversation, tasty food, washed down with a couple bottles of red wine...or beer...or what have you.

What does Argentine grilling, and its provisions, really entail? Let me tell you.

In Argentina, and what my family has done in Texas for almost 30 years, is a different kind of grilling. We call it anAsado orParillada. It’s not hot dogs and burgers. It’s not Jalapeño poppers. Though I love all of those things, Argentine grilling is A LOT more than that.

It’s mainly prime cuts of meat, which means: Ribeyes, Filets, Sirloin Tri-tip, Tenderloins, Sausages, Short Ribs, and Flanks. All the cuts that tend to be a bit pricey here in the States. The cuts that you want to eat medium-rare. The cuts you spend a bit extra money on and have on special occasions. Those are the cuts involved in our grilling extravaganzas. Fortunately for Argentines, those cuts are inexpensive for them and are eaten every week. Why? Umm...because in a country with an overabundance of FREE-RANGE cows, making the meat naturally delicious….WHY NOT?! So, naturally, that’s what my family and I have been throwing on the grill and eating here in Texas since they moved from Argentina.

So now that you know that we love to indulge in those cuts that you quickly blast to a perfect medium-rare on high-heat, you’re probably wondering “why all the fancy condiments I cannot pronounce?” That answer is simple, we needed to give our grill-outs the edge to not only be the tastiest grilled dishes in the world, but to put Argentine-style grilling at the international forefront of OPEN-FIRE GRILLING 


Over the years, we’ve included an abundance of vegetables in our grill-outs too. I think being from the South, we see and eat so many beautiful vegetables that can be easily prepared and tossed alongside our meats. Funny enough, in Argentina the closest thing you see to a vegetable on the grill is probably a piece of chicken. But we can laugh about that later!

Onto the PROVISIONS in AXEL Provisions. As you must now know, Chimichurri is THE staple condiment in Argentina. Why? Because the Gauchos (Cowboys of Argentina) wanted to have that extra tasteful flavor on their cuts of meat. And, in my opinion, when we cook vegetables we also need to give those healthy greens a dose of flavor to make them extra special.


As mentioned above. This is our staple condiment. It’s in the middle of the table where everyone can EASILY reach it and dump spoonfuls onto their food. This is what we baste the bigger meats while they grill and what we add when anything is missing flavor. It goes excellent with cuts like skirt, ribeye, flank, short rib, etc. If you're not going through an entire jar every time you grill out, you're doing something wrong!



These bad boys have such a versatile range to them. People use them on their meats, poultry and pork, while I mainly use these on vegetables. For example, I’ll use theMediterranean Herb Blend on grilled onions or grilled provolone. Maybe switch it to theLatin American Spice Blendfor some roasted potatoes or grilled asparagus. And, our newly releasedPeruvian Aji Crushed Pepper, is our secret ingredient packed with sweet and smoky flavors that can go on whatever your heart desires.


Pickled Onions

Acidic taste is meat’s best friend. Why? Because it helps cut through the fats. And as the smart Grill Master that you are, you already know our Chimichurris have acidic flare to them as well. I typically dump these on the side of my plate and as I eat a piece of meat or chicken, I’ll make sure to add some flavorfulPickled Spanish Onions to that special little bite.

pickled onions

Premium Single-ingredients

Our newly releasedChef’s Sea Salt and Black Pepper. Do I even need to explain these? No. BUT I will. When you want to be the best, you have to use the best. You can’t throw $1 table salt on your $60 Wagyu Ribeye or on your $45 Filet Mignon. You want to use the best quality salt. A salt that has a big surface area that would just dissolve or fall off, but will actually stay on there. And as you bite into that delicious piece of meat, you can feel a slight crunch that will enhance the flavor and really taste the skills you put into your grilling.

single ingredients

And these are just a few examples as to why all of our products are the PERFECT collection for any Grill Master’s provisions.

These provisions allow for the Grill Master to have an arsenal like no other. These provisions give the Grill Master the ability to outperform themself time and time again. THESE PROVISIONS were meant to complete the Griller’s trifecta: Perfects meats, Great technique, and Unparalleled condiments.

Do that math. You think you can be the best at grilling with only two of these? No freaking way. I’d go as far as you cannot have the best BBQ without this holy trifecta. 

“But Axel, I only use salt and pepper on my steaks. Anything else ruins it!”

Sorry to break it to you Gary, but there’s a reason we offer our Chef’s Sea Salt and Black Pepper...because they’re, in fact, also provisions needed for a Grill Master. 

burning down house

Any who, let’s not kid ourselves. We love a good sauce. We love a good topping.

As an always-learning, always-engaged, always-evolving, Grill Master we understood that we needed to share our condiments with the rest of the Grill Masters. ESPECIALLY, since no one is making them. I wanted to start a Premium Argentine Grilling Provisions company to help these always-improving, badass Grillers of the USA. Our provisions are for the Grill Masters out there that know what they’re doing. For the Grill Masters that have great technique around the grill and excellent taste in food. For the Grill Masters who spend extra time learning how to be even better, and who spend extra money on the beautiful cuts of meat that we’d NEVER DARE eat past Medium.

Those Grill Masters are who inspired me to offer the Ultimate Grilling Provisions Pack. We’ve included one jar of each of our products for your order. We wanted to give you an arsenal to support your ever-growing passion for grilling. Not only to complement your expensive meat buying habits and support your grilling skills, but to support you in always being the best Grill Master amongst all your friends and family!


CLICK HERE to purchase your AXEL Ultimate Grilling Provisions Pack.

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