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Sunday afternoon. Cherished family and friends gather in a back yard.  Some on folding chairs, some along a low stone wall, others on the grass. A murmur of talk and laughter suffuses the twilight as men at a long asado wait for coal to whiten. They laugh, they drink, they ready meat to lay on a sizzling grilltop, baste each tender piece with chimichurri and traditional seasonings. This isn’t average grocery store fare — it’s sausages, steaks, brisket, mollejasempanadas, chopped onions, sweet peppers, and whole ears of corn, all grilled to succulent perfection. And this isn’t just a cookout — it’s ceremony, religion. Sharing the best in life with the ones we love is the most meaningful grilling rite known to humankind. It’s all Argentina, and it’s made possible only by AXEL PROVISIONS.

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