Chef's Salt & Pepper Pack

AXEL Chef's Salt & Pepper Pack is an essential pack for any griller. This style of sea salt is every chef’s favorite when it comes to making premium food. This sea salt comes in large broken pyramid shaped flakes. This allows for the Griller or Chef to crush up the salt into smaller pieces when spreading it over the food. The partner of the Sea Salt, is one of the most underrated spices in your cabinet and people tend to take black pepper for granted. A Griller or Chef will use this spice as much as they use salt. It’s completely complementary to salt. I’ve done my best to source a consistent black peppercorn that does it’s job so you can focus on everything else

  • Includes:1 Chef's Black Pepper, 1 Chef's Sea Salt

    Ingredients: For ingredients in each product, click specific product above.

    Jar: Net Wt. 3-3.5oz

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